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Artists Kuh Del Rosario

“My body of work is largely informed by the nuances of our material world and the sensorial discourse that we engage in throughout the unfolding of our every day. This discourse utilizes a tactile language that we have come to understand through our own individual relationship with our physical environment. Yet, when extracted from the contextual references (apart from the salvaged materials), this language becomes harder to recognize.Through the employment of rudimentary construction and intuitive processes, I
strive to develop a sculptural representation of this idea. Within my sculptures/installations, I encourage this disorienting element of the strangely familiar but not readily identifiable through the cultivation of imperfections and allowing mistakes and happenstance to occur. Utilizing salvaged materials, which already
have their own history, I add to the narrative that I create through the additive and reductive modes of construction.”
Kuh Del Rosario recently moved to Vancouver from Calgary. Her sculptural installations employ building materials to create large abstract forms. Del Rosario graduated with a BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2003.