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Neil Scott Eustache

Here’s what i know about myself so far:

Slovac Unglanderdaaden (the 3rd)
generated 2011 Sept. 1
parents… none
siblings… my bio dad slept around quite a bit, so I have no idea how many
live alone out in a little house
no pets
likes day time TV with the volume off…. trying to invent a new way of taking ear wax out.
no recent photo…

Born: January 31, 1968 (Kamloops (Tk’emlups) British Columbia)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 170 pounds
Eye colour: dark brown
Hair colour: dark brown
Residence: 405 Dunn Lake Road
Mailing address: PO BOX 1008 Barriere (Styellts’ecw) British Columbia V0E 1E0
Telephone (cell): none
Status: single
Indian Status Number: 6910033301
Occupation: Transfer Station attendant and Janitor
Nationality: none
Culturally Identified: Secwepemc (Simpcw) and Okanagan (Sts’wen’emc)
Language spoken and written: English
Religion: none
Education: none
Personal Philosophy: none
Hobbies: writing, hunting
Parents: Harold Eustache and Rose Marie Louis
Children: Rubyanne Liddy