The human nude, central to Clement's work, is reinterpreted through numerous small drawings. The drawings are gathered into long strips and folded into large accordion shapes which are hung nearly to ceiling height. Created with mixed techniques and media, and done primarily in luminous blues, the resulting installation generates an impression of movement and enclosure within a sequence of instantaneous emotion.
I explore all "tridimensional" shapes, the portrait and more particularly, the representation of the human body. When I trace a line or create a stain on a surface, I leave a sign - a sign which, I hope, will be passed on to the other, and will be capable of appealing to, perhaps of touching the other. A sign such as a word, writing on paper. My works are my method of communication or, at least, my hope of communicating. I hope that the other will accept me for what is most unique in my self, for the personal vision I put forward. My research consists in perfecting my language - what is qualified as style, as I apply myself to work to this end and speak this language every day. My research as an artist is a study on the duration, on the time devoted and invested in progressing, in speaking.

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