Dyptichs by artist Mark Igloliorte features over a hundred observational works of still lifes and studio vignette paintings, a series that has been ongoing since 2010. Painted upon torn phonebook paper, Igloliorte uses this practice to explore the ideas of place - both the studio interior and at the city, town or whole region the phonebook indexes.
For me there is a tension between the observational studio work, where I paint what is immediately close at hand, and the photo-based painting where the subject matter is removed and distant. While both are representational the processes and resulting works share less than they contradict. Likewise, as an artist from Labrador yet who lives away, my artistic practice is informed by the benefits and challenges spanning these places. This tension will be used toward pushing the work further and invites complimentary arrangements to explore elements of such as: composition, colour, line and subjects of works could be hung in relation to one another sharing my unique perspective.