Don’t Go Hungry
A multimedia exhibition with work by artists Bracken Hanuse Corlette and Csetkwe Fortier. The artists turn our attention toward the stcuwin (salmon) as a traditional food source via process and connection. The decline of cultural harvest due to disease, climate change and overfishing has left both animal and human in a struggle to survive; the exhibition investigates this topic with new works in painting, drawing, sculpture and digital media. The artists acknowledge an active and ongoing mentorship with artist, Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, throughout the creation of this exhibition. Bracken describes the relationship as multifaceted. “He has given us invaluable tips and tricks that have helped our technical process in painting and we have had good talks about concept, form, Indian politics and life, art world dealings, and the history of Indigenous art on the coast and in the Interior [of British Columbia].
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