Drawings in Space
"Drawings in Space" consists of architectonic structures integrated within the gallery walls. The structures emerge from and seem to escape the material of which they are built (gypsum wallboard and dry wall compound). They overhang, make ridges, dig crevices or reveal themselves by simply a trace of the intervention, suggesting a surface invasion by the surface itself, a concentration of substance and energy. The origins of this installation are the artist's spontaneous sketches and drawings.
I would say that the subject of my works in sculpture-installation is the appropriation of a physical and mental living space. While integrating architectonic structures into spaces which have been meticulously analyzed (architectural components, dimensions, scale relations, light sources, etc.), I superimpose my spatial experience on them. These structures emerge and seem to escape from the material itself. They seem to defy the laws of gravity, allowing me to access immaterial, metaphysical spaces. By thus projecting an invented space into the real space, I overlap simultaneous, merging modes of awareness in a shared space which becomes an area for a dialogue between your world and mine.

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