Marianne Corless has produced a series of portraits and flags, constructed out of recycled animal pelts, recycled blankets and human hair, that symbolize the historical origins of Canada.
The fur trade jumped out as the most significant historical feature in Canada's origins, affirming what I had learned in school. However the human drama within the fur trade, including the adventure, avarice and ruthlessness that it involved was something that I hadn't grasped before. I had worked with fur prior to this as an art material, but with this connection I finally understood the relationship between the material and its great cultural significance to me as a Canadian. I expect that the viewer will experience a conflict of delight and revulsion...It is not my goal to promote any one side of the 'fur issue' but to kindle respect for, or at least interest in, Canadian history and identity. It is my hope that this can be accomplished by allowing the viewer full access to the material, and by balancing politics with humour.

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