Holding Pattern
The exhibition featured a selection of small drawings, some framed, and making use of unconventional materials such as correction fluid and felt-tipped markers. Also exhibited were one or two large charcoal drawings, inspired by commonplace natural material such as sticks and twigs, and two large wire sculptures. Arranged on an eye level shelf were twenty-eight bottles of teeth.
Labour and Time have become a visible subject within my work. The repetitive process of the markmaking leaves evidence of passing time. The process enables contemplation, even meditation, not unlike traditional work in textiles. After making hundreds of drawings I came to distill its essence-the line. Eventually the line became a thread and in doing so brought with it a textile based language, replete with words weighted in metaphors well understood to pertain to life and love: mend, stitch, unravel, weave, tie, patch, and so on. I find freedom in the discipline required for this work.

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