Looking For Love In The Hall Of Mirrors
Depicting visual and emotional vignettes, Looking for Love In the Hall of Mirrors is Daniel's third graphic-performance. This live illustration traces and develops the internal dialogue of a common (sub)cultural archetype - the acerbic old queen. The character leaves the farm and moves to the city looking for love and artistic success; many of the protagonist's sermons address the politics of a sexually-charged landscape, and so the piece also obliquely addresses conformity in the queer community. This exhibition has a recorded electronic score by audio artist Jeffrey Cressman which accompanies the live monologue.
For years, I have been interested in dated styles of media and obsolete technologies. My work aims to collide popular imagery from the cultural and digital past with emotional content; and in doing so, I attempt a return to a former and nostalgic experience of stimulus. I have an interest in technology's artifacts and the place where beauty and sadness become one. I have created an artform which adapts a comic book narrative to a manual form of animation on an overhead projector.

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