Lookout Lookout
Lunar Suede is another of an increasingly visual group of artists who make use of 'found objects' in their work. Lunar is from Courtenay on Vancouver Island and along with Ken KRAK Gerberick and MANDAD, these artists have worked out the "Pigeon Lake Mall" (Cumberland dump) to create a body of work that is at once visually exciting, humourous and contains a great deal of social and political relevance. Lunar was originally a carver but his tie up with MANDAD and KRAK changed all that. Most of the work is assemblage pieced together with an eye for both painting and sculpture. Its use of other people's garbage provides fascinating visual pieces taken out of context and an interesting commentary on how we live in the consumer society.
Objects of fascination removed from their original ambitious human context plus debris of a more humble utilitarian nature, transcend their origins and obtain new meaning far from the rubbish heaps which crowd our environment.