Recently I have begun working on a series of small theatrical stagings of Murphys Law-like, visual pun, scenarios, averaging in size of about 12x12x12 in. These wall mounted, mixed media, tableau(s) or mini stage-like works, will employ either/or: human powered movement(s); pop-up book mechanisms; implied kinetic structures; or motorized mechanical engineering.
Over the past few years I have been constructing curious visual manifestations of thoughts, puns, or ideas for odd inventions. I am fascinated by the bizzare and the theatrical: carnival midways and sideshows, wind-up toys, curio cabinets, stage sets, public arguments (to name a few), yet often it is that which lays inside or beneath the facade that facinates me the most. Thus many of the woks contain layers of doors, or small windowed openings, or participatory enticing hooks such as cranks or zippers. I want people to see beyond the scene, beyond the set-up. So that is what I try to deliver-the option to snoop inside-where the punchline, quite often, is waiting.

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