Jeannie Kamins moved from Vancouver to Montreal in 1987. In November of that year Anthony Griffin, a 19 year old black youth, was shot and killed by a Montreal policeman who had a history of racial violence. This incident sparked in Kamins an extended exploration into racism. Using the Griffin murder as a jump off poiint she explored racist incidents in Canada's past such as the Komagata Maru in the early 1900's, the national policy on Jewish Immagration during World War II (None is too many), and the ongoing racist polices around native people. Kamins series is a rich and personal exploration into racial and cultural differences. She provides herself a historical backdrop and present reality through her throughts on mulitculturalism she comes to the belief that racism and differences are used in a political way to divide populations. Never reaching a commonality and suspicious of the other, we are manipulated into war and wawy from the pressing social and environmental problems that are the concern of us all.
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