Talking to Strangers
Talking to Strangers is a show that explores, through use of oral history, physical theatre, and projected images the similarities and connections between the people of Newfoundland and Quebec, With text taken verbatim from conversations, this show plays with senses of humour and place and looks at how language - each uniquely distinctive - reveals the identity of both. Growing up a Newfoundlander of Cockney parentage and later moving to Quebec, Louise Moyes developed a fascination for accents, stories, and personal as well as contrasting world views. Louise has presented her work across Canada and in Europe.
I specifically want to explore, through stories, the surprising similarities between the people of both places, Newfoundlanders' and Quebeckers' views of each other, and compare the senses of humour, language and identity so strong in both regions. I will be looking for more examples of the phrase often-heard, by those who have visited both places, "Quebecois are just like Newfoundlanders only they speak a different language,".