The Last Sunrise
A collaboration of photography and performance documenting a journey of transformation through gender and the shadow. Photography, through darkroom manipulation of multiple images incorporated into a single photograph illustrating the journey with 8 to 10 images printed with liquid light on large format fibre-based paper. Performance, to tell the story through a combination of music-partly pre-recorded and composed by the author and two additional musicians as well as through spoken word, teatre and movement.
Humanity is at a veritable crossroads. Changes have been attempted in a myriad of ways through external channels. None have worked. As an ever increasing number of lives crash and collapse, a new approach to transformation is necessary. As an alternative to investigating the domain of the light, a descent into the darkness within can work wonders. The present belief system of human existance is severely challenged through this course of action. Two important areas that emerge for questioning are human kind as physical, sexual, gender-oriented beings and the essence of soul. The ensuing result of this odyssey is often the collapse of known reality. The true self can then emerge by investigation of the shadow parts. This journey demands to be travelled through the underworld of the psyche, the soul and the body: areas that are normally withheld with a fierce tenacity. However, it is only by meeting the lost and denied self in these places: face to face, to be torn apart and reassembled into a whole new being, can truth be realized, and its affect reflect outwards into reality.