"I am fascinated by memory...a subtle tone in the voice, a colour, a smell or a sudden light end up being part of our memories and, ultimately, being part of us." - Jocelyn Robert
Jocelyn Robert is a multidisciplinary artist from Quebec City. Known for his research into audio art, he has produced seven solo recordings and participated in 20 others. He has presented installations and performances in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, both as a solo artist and in collaboration with Diane Landry and Emile Morin or with collectives like Bruit TTV and Le Grande Orchestre d'Avatar. In 1993 he founded the artist centre Avatar where he was director until 2001. In February 2002 he received the New Image First Award at the international media arts festival, Transmediale (Berlin), for his video installation Invention de Animaux.