Different/ Diverse
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Different/Diverse brings together European video artists from the UK, Finland, Estonia and Italy in a program that explores notions of normalcy and the abnormal. Different/Diverse is a production of Nuova Icona & Vortice and in Vancouver it will be co-hosted by grunt and Western Front. The screening and exhibitions give a strong look at current European video practice. The show consisted of a screening, on January 17, and a simultaneous opening hosted by grunt and Western Front, and a January 18 performance by Paolo Ravalico Scerri.
The show is conceived to investigate the tension existing between normality and abnormality. Sometimes to act unnaturally helps to focus on the reasons for our everyday acts, our 'normal' life, and to discover new ways of thinking and creating different perspectives. What is not normal can be not only abnormal - already a pathological territory - but also different, or diverse. - Vitto Urbani

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