Futuristic Regalia
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The three artists work with the wearable costume as a means to represent the indigenous body, while dealing with the stereotypes and realities of aboriginal communities. They reconnect with history through the language of ceremonial clothing, the use of traditional family crests and the incorporation of organic materials.
"Cultural identity is about finding a comfortable space. When I think about the objects of culture, the things that have carried this type of identity, I realize that clothing plays a very important role in this identity." - Peter Morin "My work comes from challenging the notion of tradition. My tradition/identity is not only made up of Indianness but is also made up of TV, comic books, pop culture and the effect of mass media/advertising: By using the images I use now, I begin to empower the Indian culture by appropriating from the appropriator. By melding my pop past with the exploration of Laich-kwil-tach culture, I am breathing new life into an art form that has become a commodity; by using the images that the commodifier relates to and which he may find in his past. Creating identity by challenging the notion of tradition will not only provoke thought and discussion of who a real Indian is, but will bring awareness to a new movement in Indian art and political thought in the new century." - Sonny Assu

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