Although working with brushstrokes for many years, it was while in Korea that Dancer became intrigued with the process of ink and brush drawing and its meditative preparation. This resulted in his first extended exploration of drawing: first with brush and ink, then, on his return to Vancouver, with pencil. Dancer's show at grunt consists of his drawings as well as diverse selection of his ceramic works.
For me, drawing is a means of communicating ideas, thoughts and impressions. It is more natural for me and easier for me than writing. As a small child, before I attended school, I remember drawing to express ideas and to record impressions and observations. At that time I was often chided, ridiculed and sometimes punished for what and where I drew, so I learned to draw quickly! I now have the impunity of being an adult; but the need to draw quickly has never left me. Each, in this collection of drawings, was executed from life in about thirty seconds or less, but is the result of years of concentration. Often the Figures were moving and I feel I have captured an essence of each and a feeling of life.