Jesus Christ Abstracts
"Steven Graham's exhibition, "Jesus Christ Abstracts," Consisted of 16 paintings, 15 of them abstracts surrounding one figurative painting of Christ.The schism he wishes to create is both the schism between the figurative and the abstract and the schism of religion in the secular world. These paintings are different from his abstraction conceptually in that they are not non representational but in the Christ figure become a loosely rendered representation of the stations of the cross. The differences in style between the figure he described as "Edwardian Storytelling" and tha abstractions play up the differences and similarities between the styles."
My works are essentially layered ideas, built up like sediment. Through a sort of synthetic pentimento, each piece eventually represents a succinct meditation. Faith in itself is very abstract and very personal. I chose to include Jesus, a common representational symbol of Faith, as subject matter in order to juxtapose my own personal musings on faith.