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Fragar and MacNeil will have corresponded from mid-June until the time of their Vancouver exhibition via a series of small painting with letters written postcard-style on the back. The paintings are derived from snapshots of their respective immediate surroundings and have been sent as both common mail and scanned attachments. Shaan Syed will be showing a selection from the "Some People I Know" series, begun in 2000 and ending in 2002. In this series of small portraits, Syed paints from memory and strives to capture that particular nuance of face or gesture that best identifies his subject. All three artists are bound together by the intimacy and immediacy of their paintings. As either postcard or portrait, they make art of the ordinary and out of their own life. This art works as diary, journal, or log reflecting day to day impressions of people, places, and events.
Shaan Syed - The series consists of ongoing painted portraits of the people that surround me in my everyday life. Each portrait is painted entirely from memory and is considered finished only when I feel that I have successfully captured some aspect or detail specific to that individual.

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