Miss-Adventures: Museum
In museums, adventure is linked to the value of discovery, and the idea of improvement. Museums tend to promote designs rather than accidents, planned events rather than phenomena that simply occur. In the performance museum, we consider the slippage between conquests, the inability to complete, the illusion of permanence/stability. The title suggests not only a Miss-Adventure performing the museum, but a Museum of miss-adventures. The work re-collects this reality of limited control, placing composition in relation to breakdown.
Julie Bacon is a Belfast-based artist who works principally in performance and installation. Her work explores the simultaneous experience of presence and absence through investigating relations between time, objects, material, space, architecture and the body. She also has a history of organizing artist-run events and is an emerging writer and theoretician of interdisciplinary art practices. She has shown her work widely throughout Europe, as well as in Quebec, Israel and Japan. Julie's performance at grunt will develop the series of works of 'Miss-Adventure' that she began in 1995.