Old Growth
Independent curator Liz Park proposes to create a reading room project at grunt that will feature the works of Michael nicoll Yahgulanaas. This reading room project is two-fold: 1) An installation of a reading room or "Manhwa bang" (literally meaning "comic room" in Korean) consisting of Yahgulanaas's published works, and an archive containing an assortment of previously unseen graphic works that reflate to his publications; and 2) A limited print run publication project compiling selected graphic works done by Yahgulanaas over a thirty year time period that stretches from 1997 to present.
Park and Yahgulanaas first met in 2006. Since then they collaboratively came up with this two-part project through a number of conversations. Park initially suggested the idea of a reading room exhibit featuring his publications and related works from his archive. Yahgulanaas proposed to create a publication that will compile his earlier and lesser-known works, which will complement the reading room and trace the history of his evolution as an artist, cultural ambassador and political activist.