This performance deals with first memory, the first realization of individuality. The cycles, patterns, rhythms and eddies that resonate in the course of a life from that first drop into a consciousness of self. The piece has a duration of about 45 minutes, 25 minutes of action and a 20 minute epilogue, which the audience may or may not be aware of. The music, actions and lighting all relate the artist's family history (for full overview see attached performance description below).
I am very aware of the influences of other people's work (some elements are universal in usage, though the interpretation may vary). Some of the most influential pieces of performance art for myself have been the ones done as cultural pieces but that I innately understood. The motion of the polishing central to this piece is one such element; the image projected, is the same motion as the mixing of material, the grinding of corn; the pattern of a flower, the spirals of mythology. Other interpretations will take place with this piece and the comparisons to performances I have seen may be made and certainly acknowledged (for full artist statement see attached performance description below).