Remembering William S. Burroughs
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The concept for the Remebering William S. Burroughs exhibition happened in the spring 1998 when I came across photos taken 10 years earlier by Chris Cameron. At that time I made arrangements with Chris to purchase some prints for my Burroughs collection. When I got the prints home, the idea came to me that if I had text from the people in the shots to go with the photos and added some pieces from my collection it would make an interesting exhibition. Since then the idea expanded to include other people in the Vancouver creative community contributing text of their thoughts, images or memories of Burroughs. I have spent the time and energy putting this show together because I believe it should be done. It is not intended to be the definitive exhibition on all who knew or have been influenced by Burroughs in Vancouver. It is merely a way to let more people see some of the pieces in my collection and present some differing views on the man that was an established member of anti-establishment. -Reg Daggit

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