By Chisel and Mold
Saul Terry was the first native graduate of ECIAD in 1968 and worked as a sculptor in the late 60s and early 70s. In the mid 1970s he became involved in politics culminating in six terms as the president of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs. In 1998 he left politics and enrolled in the Art Institute Program at Capilano College producing the series of sculptural work featured in this exhibition. An essay on Terry's work by sculptor/educator George Rammell will acompany the exhibition.
I am Stl'atl'imx. A descendent of Peoples who have lived in their place for millennia and yesterday, since the strangers came, we have been molested. In this premiere show my use of animals of the land, water, sky and mind are reflections of my life. I know who I am. Now I stand revealed.

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