The Book of Jests
Vancouver-based artist Hyung-Min Yoon presents a series of images that draws from an obscure collection of marginal religious illustrations by Albrecht Dürer. Originally used to surround religious texts, Hyung-Min Yoon re-imagines their placement and purpose by framing them around contemporary political jokes of various cultures in their original languages.
In a time when much of human activity is geared towards making things certain, I use art to engage and explore the indeterminacy of things. Often using everyday text and signs as source material, I represent them with simple gestures that open a space for an experience where the profound and banal, the simple and complex, can coexist simultaneously. Rearranging the familiar to reveal paradoxes in what seems understood, bringing to light the materiality and nuanced textures of language itself; on a visual level this is often exceedingly simple. The aim of my work is to offer semiotic routes into codes of deepening complexity that are developed within the viewer's own contemplation of aspects of the everyday that often go unnoticed.