The Gates
As part of their Online World Tour, the avatar performance band, The Gates, proposes to web-cast a unique large-scale avatar performance to be web-cast live (in real-time) on the large projection screen at the Grunt Gallery for one night. They will use the classic avatar chat software, Digital Space Traveler, as their performance site. Their performances are both pre-determined and improvised.The Gates can either perform as an electronic music duo or as performance artists in the style of Vito Acconci and/or Gilbert & George. In other words, The Grunt curator can have the freedom to determine what form of performance they will do. Usually, The Gates only performs for 15-45 minutes. Every performance on their World Tour is unique. No one performance is the same. In the case of the Grunt Gallery, The Gates is willing to perform a unique piece for anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours, the Grunt can choose the favoured length. - The Proposal
The Gates formed in cyberspace in at least the Spring of 2001 according to the official Gates' producers, Alberto Guedea andJeremy Turner. Although Guedea and Turner are from Mexico and Canada, it is rumoured that The Gates themselves are from Austria. Not much is known about this avatar audio band and performance group except that the core members seem to compromise of the dynamic duo "Gateskeeper" and "Gatescrasher". Their producers prefer to keep their offline identities top-secret. Their performances range from virtual musical jamming to experimental performance art and happenings. - The Gates Official World Tour Bio

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