The Unseen Interval Exposed
Ciona constructed a 'nest' or 'web' out of rope and string, both constructing and inhabiting it during the gallery's open hours. The 'unseen interval' refers to the sense of wonder that a viewer must experience upon witnessing a project or construction in progress, leaving for a period of time, and returning to find the creation has progressed into something new or more complete.
When one pauses to watch a spider building a web, then continues with their day and later returns to review the spider's work, one wonders about the activity that occurred when they were not present. There is an element of magic or mystery. This wonder seems possible to me because something was happening during the interval. The spider's activity does not stop because there is no witness. I am inhabiting this unseen interval to further explore my relationship with endurance and the evolution of my work. An important aspect of inhabitation that I am looking for, the evidence of live action and the passing of time, is somehow forced or superficial when controlled by a rigid schedule. Things must happen outside of the expectations of performer and audience, the work must have a life of its own.