Tidal Friction
A series of sculptures composed of commonplace objects together with objects the artist has constructed from wood, aluminum, resin and lead. The latter materials are often cast in multiples from moulds initially made from collected artefacts, such as bones. This exhibit also incorporates monitors showing simple, repetitive moving images in such a way as to mask the frame of technology, such that the fluidity of image and sound remain.
"There is, one who knows not what sweet mystery about this sea, whose gently awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath" -Herman Melville, 'Moby Dick'. 1851 For Melville the mystery of the sea is what lies beneath. For me, it is the relation of the concealed volume of the 'gently awful stirrings', the juxtaposition of emotion with rational thought. At this interface our image is reflected, distorted and doubled back upon ourselves, separate from, yet completely dependent upon, this body of water. The series of sculptures titled 'Tidal Friction' draws directly on my experiences to embody such intense feelings of loss and vulnerability, as well as fear, anger, betrayal and revenge. From the chosen point of reason, the work also has concerns for the materials, systems and methodology of science, the production of this form of knowledge and its relation to artistic practice.

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