Together Apart, Queer Indigeneities
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Together Apart has been envisioned as a way of making and holding space for 2SQ/Indigiqueer folks to come together and to be in dialogue with one another so that we might centre the conversations we’d like to hear or that we feel have been absent in our communities. However, our intentions are also simple: to celebrate and enjoy one another’s creativity and dedication to our practices, and to recognize one another in such a way that speaks across the distances we experience in our living and movement through our worlds.
The intentions are these: to create the spaces and fortify them so that they are not easily lost. If there is conflict, engage with it and try to let it be generative but don't let it stunt you if it does actually end up being a steaming pile of trash. What I want most is for the next generation to spend their time being their brilliant, beautiful, queer, Indigenous selves instead of just surviving. Surviving obviously hasn't been a waste of time, but it is a serious consideration to think of all the time and space we haven't had to allow those futures to even be imagined, never mind actualized, and how often they've been violently shortened, maliciously delayed or dissapeared through negligence. And then, it is a serious consideration to think of how, in spite of all that, to make the future anyway. (Whess Harman, curatorial essay)