Unforgettable Ancestors
Unforgettable Ancestors is an exhibition of the dreams of Amos Glick Zook. These dreams take the form of figurative sculptures which combine woodcarving with neon. Zuck was born Amish but his work is a marked contrast from their stark, Spartan design. The wood is his connection to his past; both his father and grandfather were woodcarvers. The neon to him represents energy, breath and spirit. The figures in these sculptures come to Amos in dreams and represent for him emotional states such as steadfastness, loneliness, disillusionment, listening stillness, sadness, and comfort. These works attempt to balance his past and present; the wood and neon combine to create new visions.
Zook is influenced by folk and visionary art but also tantric work, Tibetan painting and African and Native American work. As an artist he is an Outsider ("I definitely don't fit into a box; into a category of art"). There is no separation between his art and his life one melds into the other intimately influencing each other. They are part of a journey towards emotional awareness. He describes his works as feelings he's denied working their way to the surface.

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