Welcome To The Inflated World Of Rain And Muffin
Welcome to the Inflated World of Rain & Mufin is a photographic series which documents the utopian relationship of a lesbian couple. The women in this couple are actual blow-up dolls purchased at a Montreal sex shop.
I whose to work with lesbian sex dolls in an attempt to widen the audience of `queer` art. I wanted to move away from the traditional photographic work of dykes, to which some are offended and others distracted from the owrks aim, and still reference aspects of lesbianism. With Rain & Muffin, I have found a humorous and unthreatening way to touch upon various issues of lesbian representation, sexuality and femininity. Furthermore, through this work I was able to create a combination of aesthetic and social concerns while projeting a sense of irony and sincerity. These traits are what I relied upon in order to acheive a fresh queer sensibility.

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