Your Assumptions Amuse Me
This exhibition is comprised of a series of hand-written letters by the artist's older brother, who is afflicted with schizophrenia, and his drawings of spaceships. The works are affixed to the walls in a manner meant to be immersive to the viewer.
"YOUR ASSUMPTIOMS AMUSE ME is a text based installation that explores one family's experience when besieged by mental illness. The messages were written by my older brother, Greg. He is twenty-seven years old, struggles with schizophrenia and continues to live with our parents in St. John's, Newfoundland. In October of 1998, I started collecting his notes only to acquire approximately 2000 since that time. The notes are evocative of communication, connection and continual negotiation. Their assertive capped letter requests are telling of simple pleasures where the waiting of pleasure is pleasure itself. Referencing family dynamic, the work challenges the boundary between public and private space. Revealing an irrelevance to time and place the installation is an entrance into the world of someone who is mentally ill."

This program has 111 archive items