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Technical Director: Archer Pechawis Archer Pechawis is a media-integrated performing artist, new media artist, writer, curator and teacher. He has created web sites for Mohawk performance poet Janet Marie Rogers, grunt gallery’s brunt magazine and First Vision: Aboriginal Creators Project, The Medicine Project and Beat Nation, and has recently completed a CDROM document of Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun’s “Shooting the Indian Act” performance. In 2004 he created a three-projector video design for Full Circle’s performance “The River-Home” in collaboration with Christoph Runne. Archer also works as a freelance IT and computer tech for various Vancouver arts organizations. Archer  Pechawis is the founder and Chief Web Developer for All Nations Media, an Aboriginally owned and operated web design studio with offices in Toronto and Vancouver. He has been working in the digital arena since the mid-nineties, and is dedicated to creating beautiful, usable websites. Archer’s practice has helped keep him on the cutting edge of creativity and innovation in web development, but he has always placed solid design and coding over gimmicks and fads. In addition to his practice, Archer works with Native youth, teaching digital media. Of Cree and European ancestry, he is a member of Mistawasis First Nation, Saskatchewan.