Fabric Works
Walker's works combine elements of fabric, painting and collage that span the distance between traditional quilt and fabric work and painting. Her use of form, colour and texture is highly refined in these works and there is synthesis of elements that create works that are expressive and complete.
My Swedish grandmother, who raised me, was a quilt-maker and i grew up in a home where the beautiful handcrafts of women were an integral part of life. I was taught to sew when I was six and became a skilled seamstress. I have studied art since my eight grade teacher, Miss Fletcher, adopted me as "the artist." I have a classical training in art, however, I'm drawn to work of the Surrealists, Dadaists, to poetry (language), and object makers such Joseph Cornell. With regard to colour, Henri Matisse and Edvard Munch, whose paintings I studied at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, had a deep impression on me. Collage form is natural for me as I am concerned with the juxtaposition of of opposites and fragmented time. My Swedish grandfather was a trapper and carpenter and he instilled in me a love of the land and a passion for stories. All these things come out in my work. Throughout my childhood, my mother took me to the Science Museum in St. Paul, Minnesota and to the Chicago Art Institute, where I discovered Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture (and mythology,) with which I have a life-long fascination. I grew up in the Northern woodlands of Wisconsin on a mink ranch and have lived in the Mid-West and prairies most of my life, but three years ago I moved to Vancouver. Since then, boats and bodies of water have begun appearing in my work. In making images, I take the world apart bit by bit, and put the fragments back together in a different way. My work is symbolic to a degree, and there are great gaps of time and space in it, in this, it's like a poem. Victoria Walker September 15, 1988 Vancouver B.C.