The concept for the "hibernacula" project has evolved from issues raised in my most recent series, "romantic notions" (see slides 1-17). The "romantic notions" series examines and interferes with the construction and results of gender based roles and stereotypes and delves into how these ideas are perpetuated in our society and within ourselves. This work was conceived from a feminist perspective and from a position of not conforming entirely to feminine models inherent in our sociall structures. In researching and examining aspects of gender and other social stereotypes in relation to the construction of identity I have begun to focus on memory in both a cultural/social and personal context.
My work is concerned with issues that are political and public while also having a personal and private significance. My current series, "romantic notions" explores the position(s) of women in our society and consequent issues of identity. In this work I examine the inevitable stereotypes but I also delve into how these ideas are perpetuated within our society and ourselves. In this series I use Polaroid transfers as a self-portrait technique to obtain images that are immediate and unpredicatble. The resulting photo-transfers are generally representational though sometimes unrecognizable. Although I specifically use myself as subject for the photographs I do not see the pieces solely as self-portraits but rather as open-ended, non-linear social commentaries. For the 'romantic notions' series I have moved away from using traditional fine art media and processes as part of the evolution of my art practice and with an interest in increasing the accessibility of my work. I employ a vocabulary of commonplace yet culturally charged objects, materials and processes which also have a personal resonance and their own conflicting implication. The collecting, editing and altering of the elements within this vocabulary is as important to my work as conceptual considerations and final results. In juxtaposing these familiar but evocative objects and materials with photographic self-portraits my aim is to construct meaning(s) which can elicit both visceral and intellectual responses and be open to a variety of interpretations.

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